Hanke Korpershoek

Jan 142019

Deadline for Submission: 1 March 2019

The Jacobs Foundation is seeking nominations for the 2019 Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize. The prize awards outstanding scientific contributions of individuals from all scholarly disciplines aiming at improving the development and living conditions of children and youth. This includes, but is not limited to, educational sciences, psychology, economics, sociology, family studies, media studies, political sciences, linguistics, neurosciences, computer sciences, and medical sciences.

The prize is endowed with 1 Mio. Swiss Francs, of which 900’000 Swiss Francs are for use in a research project and 100’000 Swiss Francs are for related costs, such as travel, networking, and dissemination. The prize has a global scope. It addresses scholars who have achieved major breakthroughs in understanding child and youth development and have the potential to advance the field by actively conducting research. Self-nominations cannot be accepted. 

A Prize Jury, consisting of internationally renowned scientists, will choose the laureate from the pool of nominated candidates.

All documents pertaining to the nomination should be submitted online by 1 March 2019. To begin the online submission process, please visit Research Prize Nomination Form.

For more Information, please visit Jacobs Foundation Research Prize or contact the responsible program manager Gelgia Fetz (gelgia.fetz@jacobsfoundation.org). 

Oct 292018

Hello SIG Motivation Colleagues,

we are conducting a meta-analysis of the relation between goal structures and achievement goals. Although we have already conducted a rigorous search of this literature, unpublished studies can be especially difficult to retrieve.

Therefore, we are interested in receiving dissertations, conference presentations, or other unpublished work (master theses, manuscripts that are in preparation/in press) that

  1. a) investigated the relations between goal structures (classroom goal structures, goal structures referring to a specific subject or course at university/college) and achievement goals
  2. b) did not rely on a sample of one of your published studies and
  3. c) used survey methods (student ratings of goal structures and achievement goals; teacher ratings of goal structures and student ratings of achievement goals), observational methods, or intentionally manipulated goal structures (experiment; quasi-experiment, intervention study).

If you have or know of any such studies and are willing to share them, I would very much appreciate hearing from you. Please send all electronic documents to marko.lueftenegger€univie.ac.at by November 8, 2018. We will cite all qualifying studies in the manuscript and will send you a copy of the final paper. You may contact me (marko.lueftenegger@univie.ac.at) for more details. Thank you for any information you may be able to provide related to this project!


Dr. Marko Lüftenegger
Assistant Professor
Centre for Teacher Education
University of Vienna

Oct 162018

Upcoming Conference

International Conference on Motivation (ICM) 2020

Theme: t.b.a.

The ICM 2020 will be held from Thursday 3.9. till Sunday 6.9.2020, preceded by the Summer School. The conference has one overlapping day with the conference of SIG16 (Metacognition), held from Sunday 6.9. – Tuesday 8.9.2020.

Place: Dresden, Germany (both the SIG8 and SIG16 conferences will be organised on the same location)

The Summer school for doctoral students will be held from: Monday 31.8. – Wednesday 2.9.2020.

Feb 062018

Zurich, February 1, 2018
Call for Applications 2018: Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program

Deadline for submission: March 18, 2018.

The Jacobs Foundation is pleased to announce the 2018 call for applications for its Research Fellowship Program.
The Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program is an internationally open, competitive fellowship program for early and mid-career researchers focusing on learning and development of children and youth.
Fellowships are awarded to the most highly talented and innovative early- and mid-career researchers working on child and youth development. Funds are awarded directly to the fellow’s institution and may be used over a three-year period to partially cover the fellow’s salary and for any activity supporting the fellow’s research, such as assistant salaries, equipment, technical assistance, professional travel, or trainee support.
Scholars who engage in interdisciplinary work on individual development and learning of children and youth, and who seek to combine genetic, epigenetic, neurobiological, behavioral and social levels of analysis, are particularly encouraged to apply.

For further information and to submit an online application, please visit: Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship

Dec 162016

The Society for the Study of Motivation (SSM) will celebrate its 10th Anniversary Meeting on May 25 in Boston. As usual, the annual conference will take place in conjunction with (i.e., right before) the APS conference. Our Anniversary Meeting will feature a joint keynote address by Geoffrey Cohen (Professor of Psychology and James T. March Professor in Organizational Studies in Education and Business at Stanford University), as well as a presidential address by Peter Gollwitzer  (Professor of Psychology at New York University and at University of Konstanz, Germany). Please see the call for submissions for the details.

We invite submissions for symposia, debates, data blitz presentations, and poster presentations. We also encourage young scientists to submit for the poster award.

The deadline for symposia, debates, and data blitz submissions is December 1, 2016.
The deadline for poster presentations is January 31, 2017.
For more information, please visit: http://www.thessm.org/conference2017.php

We are looking forward to celebrating one decade of stimulating exchange on motivation science in the Society for the Study of Motivation together with you in Boston!

On behalf of this year’s SSM Program Committee:
Arne Roets (SSM program chair, Ghent University)
Thomas L. Webb (SSM program co-chair, University of Sheffield)
Ed Orehek (SSM local arrangements chair, University of Pittsburgh)
Judy Harackiewicz (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Ethan Kross (University of Michigan)
Bill Klein (NIH/Nat. Cancer Institute)
Kristin Laurin (University of British Columbia)
E.J. Masicampo (Wake Forest University)
Paul Norman (University of Sheffield)
Todd Thrash (William and Mary)
Rex Wright (University of North Texas)

Dec 152016

Zurich, December 14, 2016

Call for Applications: The Jacobs Foundation Marbach Castle Residence Program 2017

Deadline for submission: February 15, 2017

The Jacobs Foundation’s mission is to contribute to improving the development of current and future generations of young people to enable them to become socially responsible members of society. The Foundation promotes innovation in research and practice and aims at combining scientific findings with practical applications. Residencies at Marbach Castle, located on the shores of Lake Constance (Germany), aim at generating new knowledge in child and youth development through work on scientific/position papers, book projects or research proposals for international large-scale cooperation.

The Residence Program offers senior and/or junior (post-doctoral) researchers in the field of child and youth development an inspiring setting for conducting uninterrupted, goal-oriented, collaborative work. In addition to time for dedicated work on projects during the day, building new connections and collegial interaction with fellow residents from a variety of disciplines and geographies is a defining characteristic of the Marbach experience. Participants will take turn in presenting their current projects to one another. Meals and informal presentations of residents’ work provide an opportunity for dynamic discussion and engagement on child and youth development within and across disciplines.

The program provides twenty residencies from August 20 to August 27, 2017. We seek collaborative residencies for two to four people working on the same project. The Foundation provides meals and accommodation and covers air fare and local transportation to and from Marbach for all residents.

Applications are due by February 15, 2017 for the residency period August 20, 2017 through August 27, 2017. Applicants will be notified by end of March 2017.

To apply, please visit Marbach Residence Program 2017