International Conference on Motivation (ICM)

The Motivation and Emotion SIG supports and organizes International Conference on Motivation (ICM), an biannual occasion for motivation researchers to present their research, share ideas, and develop collaboration. Prior to each ICM, a pre-conference Summer School is organized to enabling graduate students to meet and work with prominent researchers in the field.

Upcoming Conference

International Conference on Motivation (ICM) 2020

Theme: t.b.a.

The ICM 2020 will be held from Thursday 3.9. till Sunday 6.9.2020, preceded by the Summer School. The conference has one overlapping day with the conference of SIG16 (Metacognition), held from Sunday 6.9. – Tuesday 8.9.2020.

Place: Dresden, Germany (both the SIG8 and SIG16 conferences will be organised on the same location)

The Summer school for doctoral students will be held from: Monday 31.8. – Wednesday 2.9.2020.


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