Junior Researchers


You are a young researcher interested in Motivation and Emotion? Then our Special Interest Group as well as the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) have a lot to offer for you. Please find some information here:

The European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) currently consists of 27 Special Interest Groups one of which is SIG 8 – Motivation and Emotion (http://earli.org/special_interest_groups; SIG 8 website: http://motivation-emotion.eu/). While in even years, the special interest groups usually hold individual conferences (for example the International Conference on Motivation), all members come together for the EARLI meetings every other year (the next one will be in Tampere, Finland, August 2017 http://www.earli2017.org/).

For young researchers like us, there are multiple opportunities: Besides the summer school on motivation and emotion (for the summerschool held in August 2016 see http://www.psy.auth.gr/el/conference/summer-school), that is organised by the ICM organisers for young researchers in the field, EARLI also offers an overall network for JUnior REsearchers (JURE) that is “dedicated to the interests of all junior researchers in the field of learning and instruction” (http://earli.org/JURE). There are special conferences for the junior researchers of EARLI every year. In even years, there is a special one-week JURE conference while in uneven years the JURE conference takes place a few days before the start of the EARLI conference (so that you can attend both).

Participating in JURE conferences is a wonderful opportunity for young researchers like us to learn and get involved. Not only because of many useful workshops offered, but mostly because JURE conference has a tradition of a two-step review process in which your submissions (paper, poster or round-table presentation) are not only reviewed by senior researchers but also by your peers. This way, you learn how to review a conference submission yourself. Go to http://www.earli-jure2017.org/ to learn more about the next conference.

In order to stay up to date, we advice you to become a JURE member of EARLI (http://earli.org/JURE) which is only 35€ per year and gives you reduced prices on all other JURE and EARLI conference fees. When signing up, you can also sign up for the Special Interest Group 8 in order to receive all information about the goings on in this network on Motivation and Emotion.

If you have any questions or comments about how you can get involved and discuss research in the EARLI and JURE research associations, just contact me!

Kerstin Helker (kerstin.helker@rwth-aachen.de)