ICM and summer school 2024 in Bern

ICM 2024 in Bern: Call for submissions is now open until the 29th of February 2024. The ICM will be held the 28th until the 30th of August 2024 in Bern, Switzerland. Please visit the conference website for further information, details about the submission, dates, and the program!

Summer School ICM 2024 in Bern: The tradition of supporting young researchers and giving them the opportunity to present and discuss their work will be continued by offering a summer school prior to the conference. The summer school will take place the 26th and 27th of August 2024 at the Schloss Ueberstorf venue. Please take a look at the summer school page on the conference website for further information about important dates, teachers, and the program!

We are looking forward seeing all of you at the ICM and summer school this summer in Bern!

New SIG8 coordinators!

During our members meeting at EARLI 2023 in Thessaloniki our new SIG8 coordinators were introduced!

Coordinator: After serving as a JURE coordinator some years ago Martin Daumiller now returns as SIG8 Coordinator for the next four years (2023-2027). For the next two years, Martin will be working together with Hanna Gaspard who will complete her term as coordinator for our sig in 2025. We would like to thank Hanna Jävenoja for four years of excellent work for our SIG!

New SIG8 JURE coordinator: Our new SIG8 JURE Coordinator is Jonne Bloem. She will be working together with Juliane Schlesier for the next two years. Jonne will be replacing Julia Mori who served our SIG the past four years. It was a pleasure to work with you Julia, your positive energy and innovative ideas were a great addition to our team!

Lifetime Achievement Award & “How to…?”-talk-meetings

Dear SIG 8 members,

This is just a kind reminder to nominate a long-term SIG8 member for the Lifetime achievement Recognition and to sign up to our very first “How to…?”-talk -meeting. 

Call for Nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Recognition.
Please find the call and the nomination form here and suggest our long-term sig member for the award by the 8th of March.
This award honors a distinguished SIG08 member who has made a significant contribution to the research on motivation and/or emotions, has been an active member of our SIG community, and has had a positive influence on the field through sustained collaboration with colleagues.
Sign up to our Exciting new SIG 8 activity!
In March, the new bi-monthly “How to…?”-talk series will start.
This new SIG 8 activity provides an opportunity to keep in touch with other junior and early career researchers in between the yearly conferences. In short meetings, we will discuss various topics, such as “How to… get your paper published?” or “How to… expand your network?”. Please register here.

Event Timing: bimonthly online meetings 11:45-12:15 CET
First online meeting: March 17th 2022
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at sig8online@gmail.com

Best wishes,
Your SIG8 Coordinators
Hanna, Hanna, Julia and Juli
Contact info:
Hanna G. (hanna.gaspard@tu-dormund.de)
Hanna J. (hanna.jarvenoja@oulu.fi)
Julia (iuliia.morinaj@edu.unibe.ch)
Juliane (juliane.schlesier@uni-greifswald.de)

SIG8 membership

Check and renew your SIG8 membership via the EARLI.org Dashboard (“My recent orders” 🡪 “add new membership” 🡪 add SIG-08 membership for an 8 EUR fee). This will enable you to continue to receive our newsletters. Thank you for your continued support and active involvement with the SIG!

ICM 2022 and Summer School 2022

ICM 2022 in Dresden: the call for submissions is now open. The deadline for submissions is January 20th, 2022. The conference will be held as a hybrid conference from August 24th to August 26th, including a joint day with SIG16 on August 26th. We welcome resubmissions of proposals accepted for the ICM 2020 conference as well as new submissions. Please visit the conference website for further information regarding the submissions and important dates: https://sig8meetssig16-dresden.de

Summer School ICM 2022 in Dresden: We are continuing our great tradition of supporting young researchers by offering a summer school prior to the conference. The Joint Summer School of SIG 8 and SIG 16 will take place from August 22nd to August 23rd in a venue near/in Dresden, preceding the ICM. More information can be found here:https://sig8meetssig16-dresden.de/summer-school-2/

New SIG8 coordinators

New SIG8 Coordinator: Hanna Gaspard became our new SIG8 Coordinator at our members meeting at EARLI 2021, and she will be serving in this role for the next four years (2021-2025). Hanna Gaspard will be working together with Hanna Järvenoja for the next two years until Hanna J. completes her term as coordinator of our SIG in 2023. Fani Lauermann stepped down after completing her four-year term as coordinator. Thank you Fani for your excellent service to our SIG!

New SIG8 JURE coordinators: Juliane Schlesier was elected as our new SIG8 JURE Coordinator. She will be working together with Julia Morinaj who already started to work in this role two years ago. Juliane will be replacing Martin Daumiller, who stepped down after serving as a JURE Coordinator for two years. Thank you, Martin, for your outstanding service and representation of our junior members, and welcome, Juli, to our team!

December News

  • 2020 SIG8 Lifetime Achievement Recognition: In light of her contributions to our scientific community and to our SIG, Dr. Ruth Butler received the SIG8 Lifetime Achievement Recognition 2020. This award is usually announced at the ICM conference, but because of the postponed conference, it was given to Ruth at this year’s EARLI conference. She was nominated by Stuart Karabenick, and 11 more proponents. Warmest congratulations, Ruth!
  • 2021 SIG8 Student Research Excellence Recognition: One excellent young researcher was recognized at the SIG8 members meeting at EARLI 2021, for her outstanding first-authored paper presented at the conference, based on ratings received by an international selection committee of long-term SIG8 members. Warm congratulations to Daria Benden (TU Dortmund University) for the recognition of her paper on “Short-Term Relations Between Students’ Situated Expectancies and Task Values in the Math Domain”. We also congratulate her co-author Fani Lauermann.

SIG08 Business Meeting

We look forward to our SIG 8 business meeting next Thursday (September 2) from 4pm to 5pm CEST. Please make sure to attend. A few highlights:

  • We will introduce and honor the 2020 ICM Lifetime Achievement Award recipient
  • We will present the EARLI 2021 Student Research Excellence Award
  • We will report on SIG8 activities 2020-2021
  • We will inform our members of our plans for the ICM 2022 (including our summer school)

We are aware that some SIG members encountered technical issues with Pheedloop. To ensure that everyone can participate in the business meeting, we are sending the Zoom link directly within this email. Please use this link to join our business meeting, in case of any issues with Pheedloop.

Zoom link to manually join the business meeting:

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!