July News

Dear SIG8 Members, 

EARLI 2021 is fast approaching and we have several important announcements to share with you: 

1) The SIG8 Business Meeting is (tentatively) scheduled for September 2nd, and we will reach out with further details as soon as we know more. Please mark this date in your calendar! In this meeting, we will report on past SIG8 activities, we will honor the ICM 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, and we will announce the next ICM 2022 conference, as well as the new SIG8 coordinators. We look forward to seeing you there! 

2) For all junior members: Please vote for a JURE coordinator by July, 14 2021. Five excellent candidates have applied for this position. You will learn more about them and will be able to submit your vote by clicking on the following link: https://ww3.unipark.de/uc/jc/

3) Please check the EARLI conference program by using the following link; SIG8 members are, as usual, very well represented: https://www.earli.org/sites/default/files/conference-program/2021-06/EARLI2021-PROGRAMME-140621.pdf

4) The EARLI conference will be hosted via PheedLoop. You can attend a virtual training here: https://pheedloop.com/more/virtual-attendee-training

5) Please mark your calendars for the EARLI SIG8 Invited Symposium, which is dedicated to our late colleague Stuart A. Karabenick and his many contributions to the SIG: Session Z 17, Session Room 15, 27/08/2021 at 15:45: The Life and Legacy of Stuart A. Karabenick: “Acquired Wisdom? More Like Lessons Learned”

6) Request for Studies for Meta-analysis on Achievement Goals / Goal Structures and Academic Dishonesty: At the Motivation Lab of the University of Augsburg and Mannheim, we are currently conducting a meta-analysis on the linkages between achievement goals and goal structures on academic dishonesty (e.g., cheating, plagiarism) in educational settings. We are searching for any grey or unpublished literature on this topic. If you have manuscripts, data or other literature that might fit this description, we would be very happy if you could send us a copy of the respective work to martin.daumiller@uni-a.de as soon as possible, and ideally before July 31, 2021.

Your SIG 08 Coordinators,
Fani Lauermann (fani.lauermann@uni-bonn.de),
Hanna Järvenoja (hanna.jarvenoja@oulu.fi),
Julia Morinaj (iuliia.morinaj@edu.unibe.ch) and
Martin Daumiller (Martin.Daumiller@phil.uni-augsburg.de)

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