SIG08 Business Meeting

We look forward to our SIG 8 business meeting next Thursday (September 2) from 4pm to 5pm CEST. Please make sure to attend. A few highlights:

  • We will introduce and honor the 2020 ICM Lifetime Achievement Award recipient
  • We will present the EARLI 2021 Student Research Excellence Award
  • We will report on SIG8 activities 2020-2021
  • We will inform our members of our plans for the ICM 2022 (including our summer school)

We are aware that some SIG members encountered technical issues with Pheedloop. To ensure that everyone can participate in the business meeting, we are sending the Zoom link directly within this email. Please use this link to join our business meeting, in case of any issues with Pheedloop.

Zoom link to manually join the business meeting:

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

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